Wall Hanging No. 47

The Object Enthusiast

Wall Hanging No. 47

A handmade, hand-painted flat ceramic wall hanging. This is the 47th wall hanging in this series of ceramic wall pieces made by The Object Enthusiast. Each of these wall hangings is one of a kind, and this one is no different! It is a really unique piece to hang in your home.

This one is made from a speckled tan stoneware clay body. Loosely rolled, the edges are "live" with organic texture throughout. Twelve different colored circles line the front in a grid pattern. Some of the colors include white, speckled turquoise, beige, and textured white and black. There is a single hole at the top - this piece can hang easily on a single nail. It also looks nice on a shelf leaning against the wall.

This piece is 11" by 8" by 1/4"