Peach Striped Narrow Tray
Peach Striped Narrow Tray

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Peach Striped Narrow Tray

Skinny ceramic trays might be one of my favorite things!

Versatile and useful in many ways, this narrow tray lends itself to carefully storing or serving those favorite things. Use it at happy hour for serving olives, keep it on your bathroom vanity to catch your jewelry and your lip balm, or use it at your desk for the favored pen that writes the best. You decide how to use it!

Each tray is formed by hand into a small, narrow, boat shape. After careful drying and refinement, each tray is fired to bisque. After that first firing, each tray is handpainted with individual stripes using a neutral peach color and fired again. Once pulled from the kiln, the stripes give a lovely raised texture and show the subtle speckles from the stoneware clay throughout the finished surface. These trays are very tactile and functional and make a great gift for someone...or yourself!

Handle with care, and wash by hand.

Each tray is 7 3/4" long and 1 1/2" wide