Jewelry Dish - Speckled Turquoise + Gold Dot

The Object Enthusiast

Jewelry Dish - Speckled Turquoise + Gold Dot

A jewelry dish made for all your treasured everyday jewelry items! Set at your bedside table, on the bathroom vanity, or on your dresser top for catching and holding your regularly worn jewelry items. This is an option for jewelry storage that is both beautiful and functional. 

Each dish is formed by hand using a speckled tan stoneware clay body. After days of careful drying and refinement, each dish is fired and glazed in a glossy, speckled turquoise glaze. Then hand-painted with 22k gold luster accents in a polka dot pattern around the inside edge. The patterning and handmade aspect of this dish make each one unique and special.

A perfect engagement gift or something special to keep for yourself, this item is timeless and useful. Large enough for a bracelet or small necklace, and the perfect size jewelry dish for several rings or sets of earrings. 

Each dish is unique in its finished details and measures approximately 4" in diameter.