artist in residence


hi all! wow, it’s been a long time since i’ve sat down to write a blog post. (trust me, all sorts of guilty feelings stirring about that.)

i’ve had the privilege of spending time in grand rapids, michigan for an artist in residence program at the lovely shop, have company.  my focus of this residency program was to develop my skills in hand building ceramics. hand-forming pots and bowls and cups has been something i’ve abandoned ever since my beginning ceramics courses. those skills are proving to be necessary to continue working in ceramics and to develop my work and grow as an artist. so i’ve dedicated the next week to pinch pot building, and hand forming ceramic vessels.

mark your calendars! tomorrow, wednesday may 28th – marlee and i are hosting a luncheon. we’re talking about business – how to delegate tasks, keeping up with your creativity, tips and tricks for balancing business demands, and whatever else comes up! bring your lunch and yourself to have company, 136 division ave. grand rapids, mi 49503

a pinch pot workshop! thursday, may 29th – i am hosting a pinch pot workshop here at the shop! starting at 5:30 pm, we’ll discover how to hand form ceramics. no experience necessary, each student will get to keep their pots from the workshop once they’ve been fired later in the week. sign up here! (spots are limited)

kaley from kansas + the object enthusiast pop up shop


madewell popup

my friend, and lifestyle photographer, kaley from kansas and i will be hosting a madewell pop up shop this saturday. i’ll be selling ceramics, mini sculptures and some of my weavings, while kaley books photo sessions with all of you. we’ve got a few spring specials just for you!

kaley from kansas and the object enthusiast pop up shop at made well

madewell, town center plaza 
5076 w 119th st, leawood, ks 66209

saturday, march 29th from 2-5pm

enjoy some sips and sweets at the town center madewell. schedule your spring mini sessions with kaley, and spruce up your space with new handmade ceramics and weavings from the object enthusiast. 

madewell is generously extending a 20% discount off of orders of $125 or more to all attendees! i’ve totally got my eye on a new chambray button up shirt!

if you aren’t familiar with kaley’s work, take a look around her website. if you’re a maker, an artist, designer, blogger or working in another creative field i urge you to hire kaley. let her show you your work in a new light – she offers a new way of seeing my ceramics every time i work with her. after hiring kaley a number of times, i had archives of photos of me, my work, my creative space, as well as planned out shoots that she and i got to work on together. these photos have helped me tell my brand story, and i can’t stress the importance of that these days.

i’ll be packing up succulent planters, ring dishes and lots of bud vases for the event – it’s the perfect spring event, so please stop by and see us!

let’s hang


the object enthusiast  hanging vessels

hanging vessels are my new passion this spring, and i’ve got 4 of them available in the shop now!



paper and clay:son of a sailor paperandclay:son of a sailor1

i am always so thrilled to see two designers i admire team up and take on a creative project together. i have to remind myself to seek out relationships that could lead to fun projects and ways to team up. paper & clay, and son of a sailor have done just that.

a limited edition gift set (that is almost sold out!) of a handmade danish mug and a handmade, beaded necklace with the perfect pops of blues and gold. just in time for spring! (buy a set here!)

tell me, what is your dream collaboration? if you could work with any creative individual (or team) on any creative project, who and what would that be?

what i’m loving right now


feel and flourish - the object enthusiast

i love the best friend blogging duo, chelsea diane and kaitlin elaine, behind feel + flourish. i have secretly always wanted to have a blogging gig with a best friend, and these two are doing it! despite being on opposite coasts, they work together to curate food and beauty posts, lifestyle and fashion posts, and just an overall ‘feel good’ vibe that draws you in.

brittany bass - the object enthusiast

the artwork of britt bass – her prints and paintings are fantastic.

chau nguyen - the object enthusiast

chau nguyen ceramic bits via form and food.


miss matatabi - the object enthusiast miss matatabi 2- the object enthusiast

these 2 nani iro fabric samples from miss matatabi just landed in my shopping cart and will be mine! can’t wait to make some pillows and spruce up my sofa.

datter industries - the object enthusiast datter industries 2 - the object enthusiast

datter industries – dark yet glamorously simple jewelry. i just can’t pick a favorite.


all photos belong to the people/blogs/shops i am mentioning above.

the newest


TOE-white-facetno3 TOE-white-largetear1TOE-red-teardrop1

all available in the shop!

archetype collective jewelry


archetype collective jewelry

druzy - archetype collective

my dearest friend stefanie is a lady of many talents. she can act, she can sing, she can decorate homes, weddings and art fair booths, and she’s even been making jewelry for the last few years. her etsy shop, archetype collective is filled with some of the most beautiful necklaces i’ve ever seen. i need more reasons and places to wear fancy jewelry like hers!

she made me a few custom goodies a few weeks ago and i’ve been so excited to show them off. a pink, teardrop druzy on a delicate gold chain and a dainty blue lapis bracelet. i’m a lucky gal to call stefanie my friend for so many years! visit her shop and pick something out for yourself!

simple studs


burdees earrings - the object enthusiast burdees shop - the object enthusiast triangle studs - the object enthusiast burdees - the object enthusiast

i am a huge fan of simple, dainty jewels. you won’t see me wearing huge cocktail rings or outrageous earrings. a statement piece is always nice once in a while, but i usually just let someone else make the statement. it’s all about simplicity over here! i want small simple stones, thin bands and gold and brass tones – it’s all i need, really.

if you’re on the lookout for some simple, everyday jewelry finds burdees is your place! allison barker has done an amazing job stocking her shop full of handmade and vintage jewelry finds at really great prices. everything there screams simple and perfect to me! (this necklace is lovely!)

i connected with allison via instagram a few weeks ago and she was so kind to send me a pair of earrings! i picked the triangle studs because i needed a new set of everyday earrings that look great no matter what i’m wearing (because let’s be honest, somedays i’m just covered in dust and yoga pants, and things don’t seem too glamorous or exciting). these earrings are great for me because they are nickel free! my sensitive ears are happy about this! i usually have to use clear nail polish as a barrier on most of my studs because of this nickel allergy.

so, whether you’re on the lookout for some new jewelry for yourself, or maybe a gift for a friend, burdees has got you covered! thank you for my new earrings allison! (for those of you asking, the earrings are pictured on my new speckled hexagon ring dish. a perfect fit, wouldn’t ya say?)


this post was sponsored by burdees shop – earrings c/o allison barker

first thing in the morning


ruby - early mornings

what is it that you do first thing in the morning?

ever since we got ruby, i haven’t set an alarm clock. she is my wake up call every single morning. lately, it has been really early mornings – like 5:30 am.  i complain at the moment when i turn over and see how early it is, but i’ve come to enjoy my early mornings before the sun is up, before luke is up, before anything else is happening. i make coffee like a zombie, sit down, and enjoy some quiet work time alone. sometimes i don’t work at all. some mornings i sit in the dark quiet, and i just think. somedays i practice my simple yoga poses. some mornings, we even crawl back into bed.

i love ruby’s spirit in the morning right when she wakes up. i just wish i was more alert and awake to react and respond in an enthusiastic way back to her. it’s like she’s so excited to start her day that she can’t sit for a moment longer! she stands over me with her tail wagging and it’s like she’s saying, “wake up mom!” 

ah, yes. i’m a dog mom. no shame!


mornings have always been my favorite time of the day, but for a while i fell into the habit of letting the sleep take over me, and i missed out on a big chunk of the mornings. not anymore. i’m glad ruby is here to wake me everyday.

the best of 2013



i can’t believe the year is coming to an end! 2013 turned out to be a big one for me. i remember reading my year long horoscope predictions (cancer, what what!) for 2013 and it told me to brace myself for a tornado of good fortune. they emphasized the “tornado” bit, and i can’t help but believe it. 2013 might have been my best year yet, and i’m really excited to ring in 2014. i think i grew more in the past year than i have ever before. i believe in myself, and feel excited to start every single day. i suppose when you find your calling, and reach it sooner than you anticipated – everything else starts to line up the way it should too.

Screen shot Etsy Feature



being chosen as a featured shop on etsy was truly one of the highlights of my year – or if we’re being honest, life. when i started my etsy shop in 2011 i had no idea what it would become. i may have dreamed of this, but i really didn’t think i could do it. i’m learning not to doubt myself anymore.

luke - omaha

luke and i picked up and moved to omaha, nebraska in the summer, and every day that passes makes me more sure that i love it here and that we made a great decision.

ruby - teeth

we adopted ruby!! i can’t believe i haven’t posted about her yet, but if you follow me on instagram, then i’m sure you’ve seen her. in mid october we adopted our little shiba inu mix, and she’s been such a fun little girl! she’s timid and shy, and afraid of people, but we’re working on that. she loves stuffed animals and playing fetch is her favorite game. i love her so much! we’re so happy she was at the shelter waiting for us.


i saw my work in print for the very first time this year! in the winter 2013 edition of anthology magazine, and then again in the january (2014) issue of better homes & gardens. it stuns me, and makes me want to aim for something even higher.

broken foot

right when things started to pick up for me, i was sidelined with a broken foot and an inevitable surgery. it took me 4 1/2 months to fully heal – 5 different casts and boots, and crutches for what felt like forever! i’m glad that’s over, but i really think i needed an injury like that to put a few things into perspective for me. it really changed things.

2013 recap

one thing that is for sure, i have evolved in ways i didn’t imagine possible. i’m not perfect, but i believe i’ve grown up and managed to become something sooner than i had expected. i still have a few areas of my life that have become a struggle with my new found business success, but i feel inspired to tackle those issues and work on growing even more. my dream is to grow this blog a little more in 2014. it became a difficult task to manage the hands-on aspect of my business, as well as this side of things, and i want to work harder to fit more of my priorities into each day. can we just have a few extra hours, please??

i am always excited for the new year – there’s just something about a fresh start, a new beginning. i loved 2013 and want to make 2014 even more magical. thanks for sticking around, despite my lack of posting and updates. i’d love to hear what you miss reading, what you’d like to see here on the blog. happy new year friends! thanks for all that you’ve done to make 2013 so special for me.


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