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A smoldering piece of palo santo incense sitting on a handmade palo santo incense tray, sitting on a white tabletop with a plant and sunlight in the background
A smoldering piece of palo santo incense sitting on a handcrafted stoneware ceramic palo santo tray, with some gold detailing and a gray color, the sun is pouring in and the palo santo tray is sitting on a white table
There are two different designs of palo santo trays sitting next to one another, the gray and gold handmade palo santo tray has a piece of the incense burning on it, and the speckled white version sits empty
Another angle of the handmade gray and gold palo santo incense tray with the palo santo incense burning on it.
The handmade ceramic palo santo incense tray is being held by a hand exposing the underside of the tray, showing the four feet it sits on and the logo stamped by The Object Enthusiast

The Object Enthusiast

Gray + Gold Incense Tray

A hand built, speckled stoneware ceramic incense holder. Perfect for burning small bundles of incense or incense sticks. Each tray is uniquely shaped, very organic around the edges, finished in a light gray glaze with 22k gold luster dash marks across the top. 

Handle with care, wash by hand.

*Due to the hand built nature of these, each tray will be a little different than what is pictured.