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Image of a hand holding a handmade speckled turquoise ring dish with gold polka dots around the edges
A hand setting a bracelet down onto a porcelain ceramic dish with turquoise speckles and gold polka dots, handmade by The Object Enthusiast
A speckled turquoise porcelain dish holding a bracelet and a small purple amethyst gemstone
A porcelain dish handmade by The Object Enthusiast holding jewelry and a small purple gemstone
Several colored gemstones lined up with a handmade turquoise porcelain plate, intended for holding jewelry and handmade by the Object Enthusiast

The Object Enthusiast

4" Turquoise Dish + Golden Ring of Dots

A 4" diameter, hand formed porcelain jewelry dish. Finished in a speckled turquoise glaze with 22k gold polka dots around the rim. Makes a beautiful spot for earrings, rings and bracelets, or whatever trinkets you have around the house. 

Food safe, but do not microwave or put in the dishwasher. Handle with care!