A hand holds up the handmade ceramic jewelry dish designed by The Object Enthusiast. The jewelry dish is white with splatters of green and turquoise with a gold accent.
Another image of the ring dish with turquoise splatters, this one is slightly different than the first one and shows the variations in handmade ceramic items.
A side angle of a hand holding up a ceramic jewelry dish, made from a chocolate brown stoneware clay body with green glaze spatters.
This image shows a hand holding up the handmade ceramic jewelry dish, showing the backside to give the shopper a view of the logo of The Object Enthusiast and the color and texture of the stoneware clay body.

The Object Enthusiast

4" White + Gold + Turquoise Splatter Jewelry Dish

A 4" diameter ring dish, built using a dark chocolate brown stoneware clay body and finished in a glossy white glaze with several speckled turquoise splatters randomly scattered throughout the surface of the glaze. Each dish is finished with a 22k gold luster ring around the edge. Makes a beautiful spot for rings and other small jewelry items!

Due to the handmade nature of this item, each one is a little different. The dish is 4" in diameter.

Handle with care and wash by hand.