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A trapezoid shaped handmade ceramic tray being held in a hand, the tray is a glossy dark blue glaze with gold dashes around the edges designed and made by The Object Enthusiast
A side angle of the handmade ceramic trapezoid shaped jewelry tray, glazed in dark blue with some gold accent marks around the edges handmade by The Object Enthusiast
The back view of the trapezoid shaped ceramic tray photographed to show the rich dark black color of the clay used to make it and the logo of The Object Enthusiast is stamped on the back of the tray

The Object Enthusiast

Blue + Gold Dash Trapezoid Tray

A hand-built, stoneware black ceramic tray. Glazed in a blue glaze with flashes of very subtle blue streaks in the surface. Finished with 22k gold luster dash marks around the edges.

Handle with care and wash by hand. Tray is about 7” long, 4 1/2” wide.
Due to the nature of this glaze, each tray is slightly unique.