A porcelain bowl with raised feet and golden rectangles on the surface of the dish, a ceramic one of a kind handmade bowl by The Object Enthusiast
Alternative view of a porcelain ceramic bowl, a more ceremonial decorative piece, glazed white and gold handmade by The Object Enthusiast
A side angle of the footed, sculptural bowl or vessel with white and gold
Another view of a porcelain sculptural bowl, handcrafted and hand painted by The Object Enthusiast
A view from the top of this handmade sculptural bowl with gold on the outside and white on the inside

The Object Enthusiast

Circular Gold Tab Vessel

A circular, porcelain footed vessel. Built by hand with rectangular additions to the entire outside edge of the vessel, each one is hand-painted in 22k gold luster glaze. Makes a beautiful catchall on the counter, a dish for serving, or perhaps a more ceremonial statement piece.

Handle with care and wash by hand.
7" x 7" x 3 1/2"