Four Hands

A quick update on the production side of things! In January I hired my first full-time assistant, Shelby Merry. She moved to Kansas City for the job, all the way from Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Over the last 7 months, our four hands have fallen into a nice rhythm and we're making a lot of things happen.  We are both Cancers and we were born exactly 6 years and 1 day apart from each other. Double the womanpower, double the fun! 


I've thrown a few Q's at Shelby this morning, and she's going to give us a few of her best A's:

Emily: What is your favorite thing about working with clay?
Shelby: I love the involvement of my body and my hands in the entire process. When I was first starting to work with clay, I was taken by simple tasks like wedging clay and handbuilt pinch pots because of my ability to hold and transform this raw material. 

E: What object would you like to see The Object Enthusiast create that we haven't yet?
S: I'm eager to see some candle holders being made. Tea lights, or even single tapered candlesticks. Ceramics add such a nice warmth to a space, and candlelight can only make it better.

E: What is your favorite object in your home? You can only pick one thing!
S: This was way too hard. If I can only pick one thing, I'll have to go with the film cameras that my grandpa gave me. They're special because they belonged to him, but also because I'm really finding a new interest in film photography.

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