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s+f styled // the object enthusiast

pinegate road styled // the object enthusiast

photographing and styling my work is so difficult for me! i wish i had a better eye for this when it comes to my own objects. that is one of my new goals starting now. i want to be more thoughtful when it comes to styling and photographing my work. i’m ready to spend a little more time with props and surfaces – presenting it all at its very best! those little pots definitely deserve that. the moment i saw my pieces styled and arranged in these two photographs i knew i wanted to bump up my game.

on sunday my friend jen and i went to the big kansas flea market and i scored some good items! a nice weathered bench, some photo props and a side table. i hope to incorporate these into product photos soon! be on the look out…

the first photograph was taken by sword+fern, the first gallery (in portland, or and online!) to represent me and my work! the second was shot by my friend kelsey, from pinegate road. look for a guest post on kelsey’s blog from me this friday! there will be a nice surprise there for the end of your week!




i’m always obsessed with new camera apps.

getting better with my photography skills has been one of my goals for a few years now. so whenever i find a new camera/photo editing app for my phone i get really excited! instagram has become one of my most beloved creative outlets, challenging me to take more pictures of the simple moments in life, the days i won’t necessarily remember unless there’s a picture there to remind me.

dbl cam, double cam (whatever it is…) allows me to snap a picture with both of the cameras on my iphone. one quick photo of whatever is in front of you, and then a quick one right ‘atcha! it is fun! it brings photos of “what i’m doing now” to the next level!





object enthusiast // whitney


please welcome my friend whitney curtis from the curtis casa! she so kindly agreed to share with us one of her most treasured objects. i seriously love the story behind this pillow. thanks whitney!! you are adorable.

object enthusiast / whitney object enthusiast / whitney object enthusiast / whitney

This antique needlepoint pillow has a special place in my heart, despite not being very special! For the past few years, I was under the impression that this old pillow came from a great-grandmother of mine, passed down generations until it finally made its way to me when my husband and I bought our house. I was always very gentle with it, wanting to preserve the piece of family history and be able to pass it down to my future children.
Actually, it probably would have taken me much longer to figure out the truth if not for Emily asking me to be a part of her Object Enthusiast series! I called my Mom to ask about the origin of the pillow, so I could share it in this post. It turns out… the beloved pillow came from a flea market! And it wasn’t originally a pillow! The needlepoint work was the back of an old antique chair. My Mom loved the detail so much, she took it off and turned it into a pillow! I had no idea that was the story, and now, even with less family heritage, I love its funny history even more.
Currently, I keep the pillow safe on a top shelf away from our mischievous dog. I bring it out on special occasions  When our dog was a puppy, he chewed everything and I wasn’t willing to risk leaving the pillow out! He’s older now though and it would probably be safe to bring it out! The needlepoint work is old and delicate though, I am afraid of damaging it but I know that special things are meant to be out and appreciated. Maybe I’ll pull it out today!



collections - the object enthusiast

i’m always fascinated by the objects people start collecting. luke‘s dad has so many collections, and some of the best i’ve ever seen. one collection that caught my eye last time i visited was his political button collection. it was so neat to see the way the buttons changed over the years, and on christmas morning, he received 3 new {old} buttons to add to his collection. i love thinking about what all of these buttons meant to so many different people.

this post was a little collaboration between kate wong and i. kate painted the top image, after the photo i took of the button collection. she is a talented watercolorist, a skill i wish i had! thanks kate!

copper is my new thing


copper cluster / the object enthusiast

copper cup / the object enthusiast

i’ll always be a gold girl, but copper just feels really good this spring.

expect to see some copper in the shop very soon.

ready for spring!


wind and willow home

wind and willow

i’m so ready for warmer days and brighter colors. i’m ready for spring any time now, and i’m starting to get a little impatient. maybe some fresh flowers around the house could help out.

i was so thrilled to see some of my work added to the spring collection of wind and willow – a home goods store with the brightest, cheeriest goods. it sure has me ready for spring.


eat // carrot ginger soup


carrot ginger soup

okay, it’s time for one of my favorite soup recipes ever. i can’t believe it has taken me this long to post this recipe. another one of my soups i used to eat at the co-op in manhattan. i’d pull up a bar stool after a long day and order a cup of hot and spicy carrot ginger soup. i made this on the snow days we had last week and it truly warmed us. enjoy!

carrot ginger soup

4 1/2 cups vegetable broth
2 small yellow onions

2 pounds of carrots, peeled and chopped in half
1 tablespoon fresh grated ginger
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper


1/4 cup soy sauce
1/2 of a lime, juiced
1/3 cup turbinado sugar
3 tablespoons peanut butter
1 tablespoon sesame oil


3 cups coconut milk
black pepper

add first set of ingredients to a large pot, and cook for 25 minutes. add the second set of ingredients to the pot  and cook for another 5-7 minutes. add all of the contents of the pot to a blender, in several small batches. this part will take many cycles to get the soup to be fully blended. (do be careful! the soup is hot, and with a glass blender the heat will transfer.) after the soup is fully blended, put it back into the pot on the stove and add the final two ingredients. enjoy!


golden afternoon


golden afternoon

we’re under a blizzard warning here in kansas, and i spent my afternoon in my slippers at my kitchen table getting some new gold vessels finished. i had my favorite tea, my favorite scented candle (fresh balsam forever), a little bit of law and order svu, and i was in art-making heaven. but this snow…i don’t know if i love it or hate it! on one hand, there is something very romantic about the idea of being snowed in – unable to leave my house. just a full day in the studio. but then there is the brown slosh that is all over the streets, the garage, my shoes. so, i’m not sure if i like it or hate it.


but right now i really like it. i had a lovely afternoon sitting at the table with the blizzard of oz out my patio door. (that’s what they’re calling it!)





eat boutique


bowls // eat boutique

bowls // eat boutique

bowls // eat boutique

it is so cool to see my work in other shops. these items are all a part of eat boutique’s collection, and these photos are so beautiful! makes me want to re-do all my shop photos. (i’m never pleased with those!) anyway, eat boutique is a kitchen goods and small batch food shop. supporting all kinds of independent artists, cooks and bakers. thank you maggie for supporting me!

all of this sudden success makes me feel like what i’m trying to accomplish will happen someday, and soon too! i didn’t know i wanted to pursue making art full time until a year ago. it wasn’t until i opened my etsy shop and made my first sale. it was such a satisfying feeling to know that i had made that first sale (the first one is always the hardest, right?) so i pushed a little harder, and here i am today selling work in other shops! actual brick and mortar shops with walls and doors! ah! it feels right.

i’ll be honest, the opportunities i’ve had with selling my work have all just fell into my lap. i haven’t been out pursuing it on my own. which is weird. the most wonderful people have reached out to me and said “hey. i have an opportunity for you.” and i’ve said yes to every single one of them. i’m so thankful for these opportunities.

i feel like if i were out there calling galleries and knocking on the doors of shops i could have even more opportunities and more chances for selling my work. unfortunately with an almost-full-time job i can’t do that just yet. but i finally believe in myself.


photos by eat boutique and maggie battista 

weekends are for


gettin’ dirty!!


clay hands

i hope you have a chance to make a mess this weekend! i’ll be making a bit batch of my favorite soup, (look for the recipe next week!) making pots in the studio, and finalizing some gold. i plan on being filthy all weekend. it’s going to be great!

enjoy yours!


photo by kaley cornett

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