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i made a bulk succulent purchase, and they arrived this week! i intended on selling them in my faceted vessels this weekend at the red barn outdoor market, but when i broke my foot last weekend (ouch!) i had to rearrange my plans. unfortunately i’m missing the fair, and i’m hoping to get them planted and keep them thriving for at least a month! that’s how long i have until my next fair, which i’m determined to attend. i’m hoping to get them planted this weekend, and then i’ll have even better images for you! stay tuned.








totally surprised and flattered to see my minty-green scallop bowls featured on design love fest today! mondays are such an excellent day for catching up with dlf, i love the etsyfest and colorfest columns that appear on mondays. it was extra exciting to see something i made featured on bri’s blog today because it was the first blog i ever started reading, and this blog inspired me to start my own blog. to think that something i made with my own hands is now out there in the world and loved by others is truly amazing. it’s why i make things.

so anyway. proud of myself for a mere moment today, which is good because i’ve been feeling very discouraged lately. how do boost your own spirits? i feel pretty confident that i know how to take care of those i love, but somehow it’s harder with myself! (okay, pity party over!)


*above layout created by stephanie hebert specifically for design love fest



new plates / the object enthusiast

i use ceramics throughout my entire home. they gather in small groupings and hold my most treasured objects, and also my keys. it’s what i’ve always pictured my pieces doing for other people too. a place to catch their rings and gems at the end of the day. or a coveted display space for their favorite items. i want to pay more attention to the keepsakes i love – not box them up in a safe storage place.


i made these plates thinking that they would make a great spot for the everyday items you keep on your dresser. or a collection of handwritten notes and a single succulent pod. or collections from a hike in the woods. i don’t know, i see so many options! i imagine these plates holding the objects that matter the most to people, and reminding them that they’re there, and they deserve to be noticed a little more often.


where do you keep your treasures?




today is my dad’s birthday, and rather than getting all gushy and opinionated about how wonderful my dad is, i’m simply just going to say this:

my dad is the perfect dad for me. he is so kind and good to my mother, my sisters and i. we are four very lucky ladies. what a guy! happy birthday dad!

where are you spring?



i’m dreaming of warmer days, the wind in my face, tea on the back deck, my bare feet in the grass, windows down in the car, long walks late in the evening while the sun is still up. it’s that time of the year where i get really fidgety and distracted because i know the weather should be shifting any day now.

c’mon spring, where are you?

photo by the lovely, kaley cornett

the newest


eggplant + copper

the newest items have just been added to the shop! and a special coupon code just for you! in honor of mother’s day (may 12th!) enter code LOVEMOM at checkout and you’ll save $5 off of your order of $20 or more!  

mint+copper copper cup


stone rush



stone rush2stone rush3 stone rush1

etsy is the home to some pretty remarkable people, wouldn’t you say? i love it when i find a new shop that keeps me coming back and wanting more! stone rush is my newest etsy obsession! see for yourself!

calling all cat ladies




guys. i am so excited about all the work i’ve done with my friend, and the talented graphic designer, stephanie from baba souk. she contacted me a little while ago with an idea for ceramic cat magnets. i’m no cat lady, but i know many who are, and i knew i had to say yes to one of the cutest ideas i’d ever heard! so then, these little kitty magnets were born, and our collaborations have no limits! what will we take on next?!

want to win a set for yourself?! joanna from the blog, jojotastic has a giveaway, and you could be the lucky winner! meow!


by the way…have you noticed my new logo sitting pretty up there in the left corner? yeah, that is the work of stephanie too! she’s the greatest!




my first moodboard!


moodboard for the moment / pinegate road + the object enthusiast

my friend kelsey from pinegate road asked me to be a guest on her blog this week! i was so honored! kelsey is one of my longest ‘blog’ friends and we’ve worked on several projects together. she is a real treat, and i am a big fan of her design work.

she asked me to create a moodboard for the moment and at first i was a little scared. i’ve never made a moodboard. lucky for me kelsey has an eye for all that is beautiful made it all come together. she is so good at this kind of stuff! she deserves all the credit here!

oh! be sure to enter the giveaway too! i’ll give you a hint . . . . it is something copper.

pinegate road + the object enthusiast

photo and moodboard layout by kelsey cronkhite



the object enthusiast

i participated in an interview with emily jeffords and she wrote a very nice feature of my work and interviewed me about my creative career aspirations. i am truly flattered! it is always nice to be asked the types of questions that really make you reflect, and dig a little deeper than you’re used to. thanks for the feature emily!

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