the best of 2013



i can’t believe the year is coming to an end! 2013 turned out to be a big one for me. i remember reading my year long horoscope predictions (cancer, what what!) for 2013 and it told me to brace myself for a tornado of good fortune. they emphasized the “tornado” bit, and i can’t help but believe it. 2013 might have been my best year yet, and i’m really excited to ring in 2014. i think i grew more in the past year than i have ever before. i believe in myself, and feel excited to start every single day. i suppose when you find your calling, and reach it sooner than you anticipated – everything else starts to line up the way it should too.

Screen shot Etsy Feature



being chosen as a featured shop on etsy was truly one of the highlights of my year – or if we’re being honest, life. when i started my etsy shop in 2011 i had no idea what it would become. i may have dreamed of this, but i really didn’t think i could do it. i’m learning not to doubt myself anymore.

luke - omaha

luke and i picked up and moved to omaha, nebraska in the summer, and every day that passes makes me more sure that i love it here and that we made a great decision.

ruby - teeth

we adopted ruby!! i can’t believe i haven’t posted about her yet, but if you follow me on instagram, then i’m sure you’ve seen her. in mid october we adopted our little shiba inu mix, and she’s been such a fun little girl! she’s timid and shy, and afraid of people, but we’re working on that. she loves stuffed animals and playing fetch is her favorite game. i love her so much! we’re so happy she was at the shelter waiting for us.


i saw my work in print for the very first time this year! in the winter 2013 edition of anthology magazine, and then again in the january (2014) issue of better homes & gardens. it stuns me, and makes me want to aim for something even higher.

broken foot

right when things started to pick up for me, i was sidelined with a broken foot and an inevitable surgery. it took me 4 1/2 months to fully heal – 5 different casts and boots, and crutches for what felt like forever! i’m glad that’s over, but i really think i needed an injury like that to put a few things into perspective for me. it really changed things.

2013 recap

one thing that is for sure, i have evolved in ways i didn’t imagine possible. i’m not perfect, but i believe i’ve grown up and managed to become something sooner than i had expected. i still have a few areas of my life that have become a struggle with my new found business success, but i feel inspired to tackle those issues and work on growing even more. my dream is to grow this blog a little more in 2014. it became a difficult task to manage the hands-on aspect of my business, as well as this side of things, and i want to work harder to fit more of my priorities into each day. can we just have a few extra hours, please??

i am always excited for the new year – there’s just something about a fresh start, a new beginning. i loved 2013 and want to make 2014 even more magical. thanks for sticking around, despite my lack of posting and updates. i’d love to hear what you miss reading, what you’d like to see here on the blog. happy new year friends! thanks for all that you’ve done to make 2013 so special for me.



  • Lindsay Schaapveld

    I love the updates Emily! It is so fun to keep up with you and your successes! Happy new year!

  • Emily

    oooh thank you lindsay! i’m glad you’re here to keep up with my updates! :) happy new year to you and the little cuties!!

  • Megan Hartford

    I’m so proud of you! It’s also about time for me to make another purchase from you! I hope to see you soon! xoxo

  • geri

    i am so inspired by you! you’re absolutely amazing. i am so serious. thank you for existing and being brave enough to live your dream. now i want to live out my own! i don’t want to work for other people. i really want to work on my own and you have proven that it is possible. thank you again.

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